Kitchen and Bathroom Progress

Hello and welcome to another Atlanta Discount Home deals update! We have some progress photos for you concerning the kitchen area and master bathroom.

Dramatic progress can be seen especially in the kitchen, with brand new appliances being installed, and the additional counter area being refurbished. Just recently, the master bathroom’s bathtub was also reglazed, and you may see the BEFORE, IN-PROGRESS, and AFTER photos in our slideshow above.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Groundwork — Resealing the Foundation and Refinishing the Floors

Hello and welcome to another Atlanta Discount Home Deals update. Just recently, our team on site completed several projects around the lower parts of this home. The foundation was resealed, and those beautiful hardwood floors refinished after the foot traffic from demo and repainting.

Things are moving along. This home will be finished in a few short weeks. Check back soon for more changes!

For a look at a previous project completed within this property, please see our prior post, Fresh New Interior Paint and Exterior Improvements.

Fresh New Interior Paint and Exterior Improvements

Hello and welcome to an Atlanta Home Discount Deals update! This home is currently under improvement by our team on site.

Just recently, our team completed a major milestone with the repainting of the interior of this home with a fresh new coat of paint. This warm, neutral tone used throughout this home ties each room together, and now the property feels like a cohesive space. Other ongoing projects include repainting the rear storage shed as well.

Stay tuned for more updates! For a look at where this project began, please see our first post, In The Beginning.

In The Beginning

Hello from Atlanta Discount Home Deals! We are beginning our journey with the 3530 Emerald Avenue property — a lovely 1919 1,105 square foot, 3-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home located in the Steger, Illinois community. This home features a lot of natural light, separate living room and dining room, full basement, and roomy side driveway. This home is also located near a park and several amenities. We are so excited to begin our renovation journey with this home! Check back soon for more updates.

For more information, please reach out to John and Aisha at their contact information below.

John McBurrows Jr.

Aisha Scott